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Imaginary Pixels is a boutique VFX studio specializing in high quality digital effects, design and production. Located in Poland, our team covers design and concept art, 3D modelling and animation, FX simulation, matte painting and compositing. We offer the full range of VFX production, with a focus on 2D and 3D set extensions and environments, as well as a full range of invisible effects and clean-up work.

We have provided cost-effective, state-of-the-art digital solutions for numerous international film, TV and commercial projects. We are passionate about working on small and large scale productions, including independent film projects, regardless of budget constraints.

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Visual effects can help filmmakers take their projects to new worlds, and tell their stories in ways a camera cannot capture on its own. They can also help seamlessly tie elements together that are shot at different times and locations. Good visual effects, however, require far more than powerful hardware and technical expertise. They require the best creative talent.


Imaginary Pixels was founded by Lukas Remis, an award winning VFX Supervisor, whose portfolio includes such titles as: Star Wars Mandalorian, The Matrix Resurrections, Game of Thrones or Star Trek Discovery. Leading a talented team of artists and technicians who help push the boundaries of storytelling possibilities.


Servicing independent films all the way up to studio blockbusters, Imaginary Pixels can easily scale to meet any size project’s needs. Quality and efficiency is of utmost importance to us, and more importantly, our clients. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver on time with no compromises.

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